Cash and Equity Management

Knowledge is power!

The importance of seeing and accepting the current situation as is rather than in idealized terms is a vital first step before executing on a mission to expand and grow profitably . Businessmen and women are even more conscious of this fact in times of economic stress.

In such times, when it comes to the management of cash and equity, top management is summoned to take appropriate measures. In order to become more efficient however, everything needs to be put under scrutiny:

  • Bank-Financing: Communication policy with the institution
  • Alternative Financing Options: Daily review of accounts receivable, Factoring, Leasing.
  • Equity Strengthening Options: Business Angels, private Financing, public funding, off balance sheet structures, etc.
  • Cost reduction: Profit analysis through the use of real time management ratios, in order take timely counter measures in cases of undesirable developments.
  • Operation Processes: Examine the production processes – including performance levels, standard time and completion acknowledgements, etc.; Review efficiency of sales, customer service and marketing
  • Strategic Opportunities: Price concessions for Investments; Re-evaluate core business

Our “hands-on” consulting approach, where we take on the roll of a project leader, allows your focus to remain on your core business.